Friday, June 20, 2008


Here is a nice slab of incredibly rare cosmic disco provided by the obscure Krautrock unit, Methusalem. As far as I can tell, the band released one album called Journey Into The Unknown and a couple of singles. Of those, "Robotism" was their only 12" release. Good luck finding an OG copy of either.

I am always blown away by the 1970's view of the future and/or outer space. For the most part, Dexter Wansel had that shit on lock. But don't sleep on Methusalem's Dali-inspired airbrushed vision of robot insanity:

If you absolutely must have this track on vinyl (which is obviously the case), it was reissued on the excellent third volume of the Disco Galaxia compilation series and was also on the tenth installment of the Automan Edit 12"es.

Methusalem - Robotism | DivShare | YSI | 320 kbps

Speaking of robots, Mike Tee and I return to the Medusa Lounge turntables tonight for the June edition of Robotique. It's the first day of summer, so come sweat with us.


Dave Tat said...

Billy said...

Billy Joy should be my new DJ name

yu-san said...

methusalem's "zombie" is also a damn good song from that album! everyone should also try to get that on 12" by supersound.

jerome green said...

Hi Billy,

That is incredible! Thank you!!!

You probably already know that 2 of the Methusalem guys (Ralf Nowy & Tom Müller) worked with Nina Hagen, and the 3rd guy (Jack White) worked on a huge load of stuff, including producing Laura Branigan (Gloria). No Way! Yes, it's true.

Thanks again for the great track.

Peace, Jerome

Lorenzo said...

Holy shit... Methusalem is really fantastic. This is one of grooviest track ever. I just love this kind of spacey funky sound. Man i just saw on that they are selling the 12" of Robotism for > 120 $.

Thanks Ryan for this Post.


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