Thursday, December 4, 2008

RIP Party Arty

DITC - Themes, Dreams and Schemes
DivShare | YSI | 179 kbps

Through the magic of Twitter, I just found out that DJ Premier sent out a mass e-mail announcing the death of Diggin In The Crates associate Party Arty. We almost made it through 2008 without a major death in hip-hop but in the last couple weeks, we lost both MC Breed and now PA. Kinda sad.

I might never have heard of dude had he not been on this track, "Themes, Dreams and Schemes," the b-side of a DITC record that for some reason I used to bump a lot back in 1999. It's a decent song. OC kinda sucks on it but everyone else comes correct, "everyone else" being AG, D-Flow and the homie Party Arty. D-Flow and Party Arty rolled as The Ghetto Dwellas and one can only hope they're sitting on an album of vintage beats from Showbiz and Lord Finesse with their above-average flows that will now see the light of day.

He may or may not be the same person as Stan Spit, who sounds exactly the same and had a pretty good verse on Big L's "Holdin It Down." If someone can clear that up for me, that'd be cool.

Anyways, RIP Party Arty.


Anonymous said...

stan spit is from harlem, 80 is from mott haven, BX

skinny said...

thanks anonymous.

DJ K2 said...

Party Arty and AG were on my radioshow, the year was probably 2003. I remember being kinda struck as I was a big fan of Show & AG in the 90s.


Cropsy said...

P. 80 is his nick name