Friday, September 10, 2010

Will Eastman

This Saturday at Medusa we've got very special guest Will Eastman, of Stretch Armstrong's Plant Music label as part of his "Feelin' Part Deux" tour. Long story short - it's gonna be beautiful weather and we've got an exclusive, intimate dance party with one of the best East Coast DJs never to come to Philly - so BELIEVE DAT!!!

This is Will's first gig in Philly, which is astonishing if you consider the fact that his 2009 single, "Feelin" was one of Fatboy Slim's proclaimed "weapons of choice" last year (and he most certainly wasn't the only one to think so)! It's double crazy when you think about the fact that Will is part owner (with Tittsworth) of one of the most amazing clubs on the East Coast - U Street Music Hall - where almost everybody awesome is rushing to get a gig! And if you down believe my hype, grab a free download of "Feelin'" courtesy of RCRD LBL and see for yourself!

Will Eastman - Feelin'
- Download from RCRD LBL

Update- Feelin (Part Deux) EP is now available exclusively from Beatport and it features remixes by Gavin Holland and Chris Burns - both of whom you know from Philadelphyinz's past - so check it out!

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