Monday, November 8, 2010

Native Underground

Native Underground: Till It Hurts - Play It Loud Dub by thewurst

Wurst has outdone itself once again with the new Native Underground EP. Here's the story...
Native Underground came together through Craigslist of all places. Veteran house producer Henry Maldonado was looking for a singer that channeled the likes of Chaz Jankel, Peter Brown, and even Wham-era George Michael to pair with his latest work, so he placed an ad online. The Brooklyn native had cut his teeth in the early 90s on Strictly Rhythm (as a member of House 2 House and Urban Rhythm), the late 90s and early 00s on MAW (as Rhythm Section), and more recently on UK disco stalwart Tirk, and on his own Speak label (as Son of Sound), and was looking to evolve his sound intoa distinctly pop direction. Simply enough, Javi answered the ad, Henry loved his voice, and the rest, well, the rest is the accompanying EP.
Available from Juno Download or Boomkat next week.

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