Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Philadelphyinz - Moombahton de Acero Vol. 2

"Bells and Whistles = summer 2011 anthem status."

-Dave Nada

This summer, Skinny Friedman and DJ Apt One made their first entry into the moombahton canon to rave reviews. Tracks from Moombahton De Acero got support from DJs across the country (and the world!). And now, Philadelphyinz is back with round 2!

Moombahton De Acero 2: MAS MOOMBAHTON MAS ACERO touches all the bases of the growing genre, from Skinny's takes on poppy house and rap hits to Apt One's forays into deeper territory. There's something here for everyone and it's entirely free!

Download it ----> HERE


Anonymous said...

An alt link for the Twitterless? I promise I'll Facebook it or something.

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

It's twitter-only for now, there will be a twitterless DL in a few weeks.