Monday, May 16, 2011

First Contact...

The Discaire Society of Gentlemen recently made contact with the outside world via a 12" release. Not much is known of the society, though they may have ties with San Francisco's Honey Soundsystem. I emailed the Soundsystem & they will neither confirm nor deny ties with Discare. The 12" contains a track by Berlin via Italy's Discodromo, who were also featured on the Soundsystem's Brotherhood compilation.
"A synth-house workout inspired both by the dub sound of Basic Channel & lashings of Moroder-style synth. Dense liquid sounds riding a metallic rhythm track. Beautifully packaged in a confidential hand stamped manila file with accompanying briefing documents and the password to an x-rated video piece by gold~n~sour (produced exclusively for Discaire)."

Discodromo - Mercurio [DSC 001] by discaire-records

Click here to order the vinyl. It should also be available at Phonica & Juno.

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