Wednesday, September 28, 2011

YR Disco Corner With RCMP, Soidisco & Pumpkin Patch!

We have promotional mixes to get you in the mood for some fantastic releases we have coming out in October. Pumpkin Patch's "Grooveberry Jam" EP comes out October 4th and RCMP "II" comes out October 18th. We also have a new, recently released EP from Solidisco that is sure to tickle the fancy of some DBJ readers.

DJ Pumpkin Patch burst onto the scene with his remix of RCMP's "Mustache Love" - a tune which shot to the top of the charts on Beatport in the spring of 2010. Now, P-Patch takes center stage with the "Grooveberry Jam" EP - a record chock-full of peak-time French Touch bangers that are absolutely certain to rock any party. From the swinging grooves of the title track to the hands-in-the-air banger "Doobie Bras," this is a must-have for any DJ on the scene. Fans of Fred Falke, Justice and Ed Banger records need this in their playlist.

Grooveberry Jam EP Sampler by Pumpkin Patch

1. Grooveberry Jam
2. Doobie Bras
3. Heartless
4. Let's Dance
5. Blueberry Jam

RCMP II, our fourth record, is featured on this promo mix containing all of the originals and remixes that will be included on a subsequent remix EP. Every flavor of disco on this - from epic burners to soaring synth solos to boogie to tech-ed out swingers! The remix lineup is amazing, featuring artists from Strictly Rhythm, RVNG INTL, Fool's Gold, Solid Bump and of course, Young Robots.

RCMP - RCMP II Promo Mix by Young Robots Records

1. RCMP - Sweat And Loving
2. RCMP - Sweat And Loving (Pink Skull Remix)
3. RCMP - Sweat And Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)
4. RCMP - Love The Music
5. RCMP - Love The Music (Fifteenth Remix)
6. RCMP - Love The Music (Laberge Remix)
7. RCMP - Love The Music (Elvis Suarez Remix)
8. RCMP - Strings (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
9. RCMP - Strings
10. RCMP - Strings (Burnso Remix)
11. RCMP - Men's Rhythm

You would not think upstate New York would produce the musical minds behind really fun summery music, but that is exactly the situation with Solidisco's Lovebeat. Buffalo's DJ D.Star and Biacco -- both top-tier club DJ's in their own right -- team up for an EP of tight disco house, combining their love of classic disco with the energy of today's club music. Yearning diva vocals, funky basslines and huge filter builds make the whole EP dancefloor gold that will keep the energy up even at peak time. Perfect for fans for Duck Sauce, Cassius, Bob Sinclair and the like.

We're really excited to have Solidisco on Young Robots can't wait to hear these jams in constant rotation. The EP is out now at all fine digital retailers.

Solidisco - Lovebeat EP **OUT NOW ON YOUNG ROBOTS** by Solidisco

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