Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hollywood Seven Revisited

Fuck a Soundcloud takedown notice. Simonetti re-upped aiff files of the whole 12" for a free download.

Mike Simonetti & Johnny Jewel - Hollywood Seven LP
Direct Download from Sendspace

And here's the story behind the 12", just in case the Perseo link disappears too:
"Hollywood Seven" has been a dance floor weapon of Mike Simonetti's DJ sets for almost six years. It's one of those tracks people come up to the booth & ask about the most. "What's that song about Omaha and the hotel?" We are happy to finally answer that question with this essential release. Rescued from the depths of dollar bin obscurity.

The A-Side here was the closing track on Mike & Johnny's December 2007 cult mix "Albuterol." Titled "Disconet Dilemma" alluding to Mike scoring the Disconet promo 12 inch while digging in Jersey on one sunny afternoon. After going viral for three years & over 40,000 downloads...we released the mix on hard copy last year due to popular demand. A few underground collectors had known about the song prior to the mix, but when Albuterol was released, fans & DJ's kept fiending for a 12" version. We decided it was time to showcase the track in true Perseo style. This version of the song features Mike & Johnny's unreleased extended extended edit. Clocking in at 6:51 & mastered with extremely heavy drums designed to set club speakers on fire.

Though "Hollywood Seven" remained an outsider track in America, for years it's legacy was kept alive by various cover versions which went on to become hits in Australia & Europe. On the flip side of this 12," we compiled some of the more hard to find versions found around the globe.

In 2008 Mike & Johnny were in a record store in Perth, Australia killing time on tour when they found another version of the song while looking through crates of discount records. It was definitely fate! To find this song in the most random record store in the most remote city on the planet had to mean something. Mike spun it that night at an after party deep in the belly of a basement. The song had the classic feel of the original, but was more like a version performed by Neil Diamond's long lost Australian brother. Nine months later, Glass Candy had the night off in San Diego. Outside of a record store in an alley behind a pharmacy, Johnny stumbled across an even more bizarre interpretation of "Hollywood Seven." A strangely Hi-NRG inspired version mixed with shredding psych guitar riffs & sung completely in German! We were completely floored! & in 2010 Nat Walker (Chromatics / Desire) found yet another version of "Hollywood Seven" at a North Portland church rummage sale while looking for Hip Hop samples. This piano driven version was a glammy early 80's gospel private press record & is the only version known to contain the fourth verse.

Four years later, after intensive editing & mixing by the folks at Perseo headquarters in Rome, the ultimate "Hollywood Seven" record finally sees it's release. Don't look at this as simply an "edit record." Consider it a slice of unknown music history, an unlikely cover song that has become a dancefloor classic! Perseo records is proud to share it with you.
"Rooms For Rent Until Your Name Goes Up In Lights"
Side One
Disconet Dilemma (6:51)

Side Two
German Verison (4:33)
Piano Version (5:57)
Ballad Version (4:52)


Jay Negron said...

Great Track...Love it...going straight to 935 rotation!!!

NUDE LEGS said...

SHAWN, is there any possibility of you having this track still lying around. I REALLY need this for a set tomorrow. Please if there is anyway, let me know thebudderking AT gmail.com

Shawn Ryan said...

Just saw your comment! I'll email you tonight.