Friday, May 4, 2012

New Kool Kyle Rip

I posted this back in early 09 & just got a request for a re-up. My copy is pretty whipped, but I re-ripped them & cleaned them up this morning. Both sides are dope. I've actually been sleeping on the vocal - Kyle kinda kills it on the mic. The instrumental is a sleeper mellow disco beat. Does any recognize the bassline?

Kool Kyle (The Starchild) - It's Rockin Time (Vocal)
MediafireYSI • 1981

Kool Kyle (The Starchild) - It's Rockin Time (Instrumental)
Mediafire YSI • 1981

Pick up a copy of the 12" from Discogs.


jonny said...

wicked bass, the original kills.

Also, always loved:

it comes off at 3:12, but you've gotta cut it up

DubMe said...


Just saw that you re-up'ed this one! (I think I requested it a while ago)... Huge thanks!!! Gonna be playing this one loud now! What a nice song...


Shawn Ryan said...

Sure thing DubMe! Enjoy & keep commenting ;)