Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RCMP - White Light Mix #63

Paul and I put together an RCMP mix for the White Light Mix Series.  It's a meditation on themes of technological progress and the relative benefits and dangers of advanced technology. You can also dance to it, drive at night to it, and more.

Our mix is a collage of soundtrack and experimental electronic records, modern disco, chillwave sounds and some found footage narration.  We spent a lot of time putting it together, so we hope you'll enjoy it.

We're very honored to be a part of this mix series, which is made up pretty much exclusively of entries by artists I love and respect!  If you aren't familiar with the White Light Mixes, there are great mixes by Optimo, Leo Zero, Maxxi Soundsystem, Alan Braxe, Oliver, Neoteric, Ayres, Catchdubs, Fashen, Plastic Plates, Electric Youth, Cassian, In Flagranti, Gigamesh and many many more in there, so poke around. We're very honored to be involved with this great series!

Find it exclusively at WhiteLightMixes.com

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