Thursday, June 6, 2013


I wanted to hip DBJ family to a site called Legitmix.  This is a site that lets you sell edits and bootlegs through a pretty simple and equitable model.  The buyer purchases the bootleg but, incorporated in that purchase price, is a purchase of the original source material through iTunes.  The buyer gets the edit and the OGs.  This way, the legal obstacles that made bootlegs necessary kind of disappear and the original artists don't get cut out of the transaction.  Pretty slick.  At the risk of sounding like a shill, I think this is a really useful tool to get some older artists money that they deserve by closing a loop in the ass-backwards world of the sample-based music business.

Lots of DBJ favorites like Kon, DJ Platurn, J Boogie and more are already working with Legitmix, and as far as I know it is growing pretty steadily.

Legitmix reached out to me to give them my catalog, and a lot of my older material is up there, as well as some stuff nobody has heard, like this edit of the Shuggie Otis / Brothers Johnson classic "Strawberry Letter 23."

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