Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Let Go

Those of you who check DBJ regularly know that we've been following The SyntheTigers since their inception, from their days of disco edits to their first original tracks. Hell, Superprince even contributed a remix to their first release! I think the 'Tigers have an impressive body of work, but they somehow took it to a whole new level with Just Let Go. Maybe it's the addictive Baby Wants To Ride-esque synth, maybe it's Tobirus Mozelle's amazing vocals, or maybe it's the insane remixes from the legendary Mr. V. I'm thinking it's all of the above and more! The SyntheTigers original version is their best work yet, and Mr. V delivers the goods with his remixes.

Grab a free download of Mr. V's remix and listen to samples of the entire release below. It's available now on Traxsource and soon on Juno Download.

Pro-tip: My favorites are the original mix and Mr. V's Broken-Down Main Mix.

Free download alert!

And check out previews of the entire release:

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