Thursday, May 1, 2014


DC duo Chris Burns & Gavin Holland are switching things up a bit. They've dropped the Party Bros moniker in favor of Mysteries Of The Mind (which is also their vinyl imprint.). I'd say it's a more fitting name for their strain of spacious & dreamy sounds. Their newest EP is fantastic, even surpassing their solid 2012 debut 12". I'm going to bump this thing non-stop on summer nights and mornings, and when we finally have hover cars, I'm going to bump it in that too! Check out the lead single, Aracari, below, along with snippets of the entire 12". Don't sleep on the EP preview - there's a remarkable variety of different sounds & vibes packed into those 5 tracks! Balearic, new age, r&b, dancehall... oh hell yes! Order the 12" directly from Mysteries of The Mind for only $8 here.

Also, these guys are great copy writers...
Dreamlike textures and hypnotic percussion are the focus of “Aracari,” an enchanting A-Side featuring a vocalist who simply goes by... Jane. M.O.T.M.’s swirling delays, endangered bird calls and a resilient bassline instantly transport the atmosphere of your local nightclub or hiking trail. Burns’s Montreal/Bombay connection, Greg Pidcock of Hot Creations, fruitfully delivers a thumping club interpretation that will surely make the rounds of outdoor gatherings around the globe in 2014.

Turning towards the murkier depths of sexual fantasy and personal misery, the Aracari B-Side delivers 3 productions bound only by a common tempo range . Taking a cue from late night urban radio, “Soft Focus” delivers a shimmering result that highlights advances in modern digital production techniques. Guitarist Kevin Bayly (of Brett) and Baltimore songwriter Symbol both pitch in on this original take of contemporary Rhythm and Blues music. Chugging along with a punch-drunk drum track, “Sloppy Seconds” heaves with nervous energy and intolerant melodic flashes. “Partial Victory,” a late-night dancehall experiment in the pan-global corporate struggle, finishes off the B-side with a bubbly call to arms.

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