Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hooked Returns to Philly - September 12th!

After a hiatus of almost four months, Hooked is back at Franky Bradley's. This is a night of disco classics and the music they inspired - truly one of the best parties I have the honor of playing. I did a big interview before the last Hooked with the Philly Weekly - check it out if you wanna learn more about the things that inspired Del, Shawn and I to get down like this - in part it has to do with the parties that some of our DBJ homies have had me guest at over the years, including Beam Me Up in Tornonto and Go Bang in SF.

///HOOKED Vol. 3


MICHAEL THE LION (Soul Clap Records, Razor-N-Tape)

DEL (Do You Wanna Boogie, 5 Magazine)

SHAWN RYAN (Universal Cave, Superprince)

Playing the classic sound – from past to present.

Saturday, May 30th

at Franky Bradley’s
1320 Chancellor St.

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