Saturday, January 5, 2008

Double - Woman Of The World

Double were a Swiss synth-pop duo consisting of Felix Haug & Kurt Maloo. If you stand in an elevator or department store for 45 minutes or so, you may catch their 1986 chart hit "The Captain Of Her Heart". Those of you cursed with being a thirty-something will undoubtedly remember this track from massive radio play back when radio play meant something.

Two years before they broke, Double were making dark, Italo-influenced proto-House. An incredible and underrated example of their abilities exists in the form of a track called "Woman Of The World". If you are craving oddball cosmic sounds with some sort of percussive "edge", this is your tune and it sounds relevant 24 years after its initial release. Bravo, Double!

Double - Woman Of The World (Instrumental Long Version)

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