Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rock the throwie

I guess I've gotten into the habit of posting tracks from the "hey, you know that sample" file in my brain. Here's another one for you, and it's a goodie to be sure.

Saxwhoadie Grover Washington, Jr. is one of the most important and prolific figures in jazz history, but he inspires little more than ambivalence from those outside the 50+ African American demographic. Recording with Bob James and others on CTI and Kudu records, he put out a number of tracks that hit the Muzak-Rap Hit-Quiet Storm trifecta. CTI/Kudu is best known for spawning as many puke-inducing smooth jazz hits as it is famous breaks and hooks. Now, Grover was a little more pop-sensible than Hank Crawford and Bob James, Just the Two of Us, Mister Magic, Black Frost, Inner City Blues and this track, Hydra are listenable to the max.

Take a listen to this jam, and you'll immediately recognize it as being the basis for the Artifacts' Wrong Side of the Tracks, Biggie's One More Chance and, most obviously, Black Moon's How Many MCs not to mention some others if you're well versed (All On My Nut Sac anybody?). Oh, and all that aside, it's SICK!

Grover Washington, Jr. - Hydra (320)

Oh, and if you're in New York this weekend, be sure to catch me (Apt One) and Skinny Friedman along with our special guest Nick Hook of the band Men, Women and Children (and the dope throwback house outfit Sports) at our I PIRATE NY monthly at the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. See yinz there!

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