Wednesday, February 13, 2008

G-Funk Era 2008

You know, as I sit down to post this it occurs to me that I've been dedicating a lot more time to making tracks and posting them here than I have been to actually putting up any Dollar Bin Jams. But hey- today's tracks are tomorrow's dollar bin finds, right? (Calling all label managers).

Today's special is a nice lil' spin on west coast gangsta synth work- anybody who recognizes any of the samples gets a gold star (tip- the synths are all original).

DJ Apt One - Mickey Dreidels '92 | Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps

And to tip my cap to the original and stated purpose of this fine outpost in the inhospitable desert of the internet- here's the super duper OG g-funk track, the one that really started it all.

Ohio Players - Funky Worm | Zshare | YSI | 256 kbps


tssmithaz said...

"Mickey Dreidels '92" is fire!

-JohnB said...

Picked this up nearly 10yrs ago now. Still loving the tune.