Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mood - Aiming to Blow

Mood - Aiming to Blow | Divshare | YSI 320 kbps

If you know Cincinnati's Mood at all, it's probably because they were Hi-Tek's first group before he linked up with Kweli and, eventually, G-Unit. But the trio of Main Flow, Dante and Jahson basically didn't make a bad record in the 90s. "Karma" was reasonably large and "Secrets of the Sand" landed an early (and really dope) Dilla remix. Lyrically, Mood borrowed heavily from the Wu: street tales, hints of mysticism and Illuminati talk (their first album was called "Doom" and had a Star of David on the cover), and flows reminiscent of Raekwon or Inspectah Deck.

"Aiming to Blow" -- which may actually be called "OH-10" because the art on the record is kind of vague -- is the first single off a compilation that Jahson put out on his Mission Control label. It's mopey as hell and therefore great.

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Shawn Ryan said...

I'm loving the Wu feel