Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Groove

Very obscure, funky disco from The Joneses. Other than one album (predictably titled, Keep Up With The Joneses), this is one of only two singles the group ever released.

A couple of self-serving plugs:

1. Mike Tee and I are back at the Medusa Lounge this Friday for our disco and house monthly, Robotique.

2. I play modern soul, boogie, disco and proto-hip hop every Saturday night at a brand new spot in Philly called The Institute. The beer list is nuts and the venue will eventually grow into a two-floor restaurant/bar/lounge with a roof deck. Come check it out.

The Joneses - Summer Groove | ZShare | YSI | 211 kbps

1 comment:

Broadway said...

thank you very much for this grooving tune by the Joneses...I have their two lp's (self-entitled & keeping up...) both very nice.
I also have read that there is a compilation cd out with some of their never before released singles. I forget the site were i read it...a simple google should get it for you, if your interested.

Thank you once again, for the music...your blog looks really nice. :)