Friday, July 25, 2008

We Dare You

Gripped this joint up not so long ago when I randomly encountered a dude on 40th Street sitting on the bumper of a U-Haul full of 12 inches.

Pointer Sisters - Dare Me | Divshare | YSI | 320 kbps

Anyway, tonight is a big night in the city of Brotherly Love, especially for the DBJ crew.

Mike Tee and Billy's got the big ol' Delta Phi Disco party (Featuring DBJ Mixseries hero Josh Dunn, my doppelganger Ron Morelli, Lovefingers and more). Massive lineup, runs all night. 39th and Spruce, West Philly. Fuckin A.

I'll be at Medusa Lounge with Stereofaith, doing the Cream party. No cover, grimy booze-addled sexual preamble. You know the deal. 21st and Chestnut.

Go to both, we dare you.


Congratulations to Medusa Lounge, which many of our DBJ bloggers call home for our monthly gigs. Medusa, Bleached Black and Philadelphyinz got some shine in this month's Spin Magazine.

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Billy said...

Oof, what a weekend. Nice that Medusa/Philly is gettin some shine, but crappy Spin printed the address of the Barbary as the address of Medusa.