Monday, October 27, 2008

My Cousin Roy Interview


This Saturday at Hurrah, we are excited to host NYC's My Cousin Roy. His label, Wurst Edits, has been releasing creative new takes on vintage dance music for the past couple years. Not a typical disco edit label, Wurst uncovers and updates dance music from across genres. In addition to his own releases, Wurst has worked with Runaway, Lee Douglas & Eamon Harkin. This week Dollar Bin Jams conducted the following interview with Roy. Also, we have one of his edits below for your listening pleasure. See you Saturday!

When did you first start DJing, and how did you get into it?

1996, following a semester abroad in London. Fell in love with clubbing in the Summer and Fall of '95, and started collecting dance music 12s shortly that Fall. Had been a big music head since my uncle gave me his old turntable when I was just 5 and spent my weekly allowance on LPs, and then eventually cassette tapes, throughout my childhood.

How did you end up collaborating with the group Mathematics in 2004 and 2005?

I was a drum & bass DJ/producer and one of the members of Mathematics in a former life. Left the "group" in 2004 in favor of playing my record collection instead of just one tempo/style.

Aside from the obvious play on words, is there any other meaning behind the name Wurst Edits?

Does there need to be? Heh. Just thought it was a funny and clever name, and yes, I'm a fan of ground meat squeezed into casings. Mmmmm, sausage.

What motivates you to do edits? What elements in the music do you hope to emphasize or eliminate through the process?

It all started with this Ruts DC jam I loved, but it was too short to play out. I went into the studio with the intention of extending all of the best bits and then had a lot of fun making little loops. Next thing I knew I was doing this to all of these songs I found that I wanted to put my personal stamp on, and Wurst Edits was born. I think the edits thing has gone a bit overboard, with too many folks editing the same songs, or those that just don't need editing. I only want to put edits out that bring something new to the table, whether it's Marcos and Jacques from Runaway adding instrumentation of their own, or Doug chopping things up a significant amount, or Eamon locking in on his favorite grooves within the broader context of a song. Wow, I really went overboard on that question, didn't I?

What is your favorite city to play in and why?

New York, New York. Nothing like the energy of a party going off here. Horsemeat Disco in London, the I'm A Cliché night in Paris, Too Much Joy in Minneapolis, and the Gomma night at Erste Liga in Munich were all pretty slammin'.

What new releases have you been enjoying recently?

Terje's mix of Jose Gonzelez is beautiful. Gorgeous, in fact. Laughing Light of Plenty's "The Rose" is incredible as well. Go Thom!

What can we expect from you and Wurst iin the future?

The triumphant return of Runaway in a few weeks! "Use Me" and "Just Got Paid" are the boy's finest work to date, in my extremely biased opinion. Doug (Lee Douglas/Douglas Sound) is working on some new ones as is Eamon and some other buds of mine.

What's the best dollar bin jam you've ever scored?

Robert Gorl: Darling Don't Leave Me - several times over. I always pick it up when I see it to give to friends. Also gotta mention Miss Nicky Trax: Acid In The House, but that was 99¢.

My Cousin Roy - In For It | Zshare | YSI | 128 kbps


Billy said...

Roy threw it down! Let's get him back to Philly again!

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Thank you!

Peace, Jerome

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looks like he really have somethiong to say! nice interview, I liked it a lot