Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silk City this Wednesday + Confusion

This Wednesday I'm playing with The Model, Sgt. Sass & Joe Lentini at Silk City. Many genres will be represented, worshiped, combined, desecrated, warped, rebuilt and shot into the core of the earth.

I'm not sure what any of this has to do with New Order or Arthur Baker, other than that Johnny from The Model probably loves New Order and Joe Lentini may worship Arthur Baker. Anyway, Arthur Baker has done numerous remixes of New Order's "Confusion", but my favorite is the 12" mix from 1983. Also, the video is a must see for any fan of dance music. Arthur Baker with reel to reels, Jellybean Benitez at the Funhouse, and early 80's NYC club kids!

Also, I wish our visitors left comments more frequently. We love to hear from you!

New Order - Confusion (12" Mix) | Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps


trees said...

But Shawn, do you know the Pump Panel Reconstruction of 'Confusion'? Perhaps a bit too acid-face-melting for dbj, but it's like Hardfloor reworking a New Order track. Excellent stuff.

Again, wish I was in Philly to come out and support!

Shawn Ryan said...

Thanks man. Yeah, I love that mix - it's ravetastic!

smith3000 said...

Hello from the Rainy City. Truly great clubland scenes on the vid, like you say - and how young do the band look?
Hope you have fun on Wednesday ..

Jay Neill said...

Hey dude. Love the site, you and Beat Electric keep me hooked up.

jerome green said...

Hi Shawn,

I remember the day this showed up at the record shop in Middletown, CT! I picked it up and the rest is history. We had already been deep into Joy Division and all the early New Order, but this was crazy new.

The video is basically retelling the true history of making the track. Arthur Baker really went with the reels to the Funhouse (where everyone looked like early Madonna - she actually stole THEIR style!), and Jellybean played it right after it was recorded. That freaked New Order out; a crash course in NY Club dynamics.

There is a good interview with Arthur Baker in the 90s documentary "Rock & Roll" part 10 "The Perfect Beat" (produced by Don Letts), where he describes the whole recording process. The series is very hard to find.

Thanks again for bringing me back to my early 80s fav memories.

Peace, Jerome

Enrique said...

Yes! This stripped-down 12" mix is hands-down the best version of one of my all-time favorite New Order songs. All that Arthur Baker goodness is most evident on this mix... Thanks for posting. Don't know why this mix never made it on any of New Order's best of collections...


trees - ''s like Hardfloor reworking a New Order track' - Does this mean you haven't Hardfloor's remix of Blue Monday?? It's amazing.

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