Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dollar Bin Jams Soundcloud Group

I realize that although this is a blog, it is also in some ways a community. Perhaps the most common thing that people say to me when I meet them on tour is "I love Dollar Bin Jams, I check it all the time." It has been really awesome meeting many of you around the country since we started this site in 2007.

There are obviously lots of musicians and music lovers who follow DBJ, and we've created a soundcloud group in order to have more interaction with the thousands of people who visit the site each week, and let our readers interact with each other as well.

It is a moderated group. I've found that on soundcloud, the unmoderated groups quickly get over-run with junk that soundcloud trolls just drop in every group they can join. We will attempt to curate this group with the same kind of quality control that we exercise on the blog, so please only submit your best work! We welcome all different kinds of music.

Periodically, submissions to this group will be featured on the site.

Visit and join the group at

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