Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eclectic Circus Wireless Show

I'm a big fan of the Eclectic Circus radio program. The hosts, Paul Hughes and Adey Luvdup, describe the program like this:
Thursday night is Eclectic Circus Wireless Show night with Paul Hughes and Adey Luvdup from 10pm on Salford City Radio - laugh, cry and possibly feel a little queasy as you listen to two semi-retired Acid Housers who simply refuse to let go as they grow old disgracefully on air...They also happen to play some bloody good music into the bargain.
The most recent edition sadly has no voice over, but it's packed full of summer groove rarities and presented uncut on soundcloud, 20 minutes longer than it's original air length. The banter between the two hosts is almost as good as the music itself - chock full or arguments and choice accents.

The Eclectic Circus UNCUT Bunga Bunga BBQ Mix - Limited Download by The Eclectic Circus

Check out their soundcloud page to hear special guest mixes on the program from Greg Wilson and Tom Moulton (yes, the Tom Moulton) and make sure you follow them!

Year of the Edit will be back this week, so I'll see you soon!

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