Thursday, January 19, 2012


This Chinese New Year Chris Rogy is bringing in the Dragon with a boom...
Those of you that know me, know I had a long stint in Southeast Asia. In that time, the sounds of 60s and 70s funk and soul grew on me fondly and I began to collect some of those sweet digs. In fact, way back when, in April of 2010, I posted on DBJ just before moving from Bangkok to Phnom Penh. In that post, I referenced Peter Doolan's Monrakplengthai blog. What you don't know, is when I contacted Peter - who I thought was in Boston at the time - I discovered he lived in my neighborhood in Bangkok, good ol' Ratchada Soi 3!
Shortly after, Peter and I got together and went digging for records in Chinatown before my flee. I gotta say, it was a very fruitful experience. With his knowledge of labels and producers we were able to come out with some serious dollar bin jams, only every jam there was a dollar, 'cause that's what a record costs.
Now, nearly 2 years later, Peter and I both live in Brooklyn and we've teamed up again, this time with vinyl connoisseur, Thai Beat/Khmer Psyche Rock enthusiast, Michael Martin (who recently came to visit me in Cambodia) to bring one of the most original soul nights Brooklyn's seen in a long while: BOOM BOOM.
- Chris Rogy
Boom Boom will premier at the Veronica People's Club in Brooklyn this Monday! For more info, check out the FB event here.

Listen to the BOOM BOOM Launch Party Mix Tape below...

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