Tuesday, January 10, 2012

El Chiflado

Here's a little Peruvian gem Platurn recently unearthed...

One of the scores down in Lima over the holidays (was pretty beat -- cleaned it up as best as possible). Don't know anything about its origins but Chic is spelled Chick and it's obviously a cover albeit the music is very close to the original, sens the lazy drawl of the female vocals which is all kinds of awesome.

Despite its overpopularity, i've always been a fan of this song and I love hearing alternates done in other countries (put a Cantonese? one on the OZ mix from last year -- check 47:50 right here.

You find these types of disco covers quite frequently when abroad and I dig 'em every time. Tells you a lot about the quality/equipment that specific countries adhered to at the time and it's always interesting to trip off of which songs they chose to cover (always great when it's something super random that was never even popular in the states).

More to come including a mini mix soon! Stay tuned and enjoy.

Chick -- El Chiflado by platurn

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