Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mysteries Of The Mind

Between Future Times' astral textures and U Street Music Hall's subs, Washington DC's been making lots of waves in electronic music lately. And the capitol's momentum is still building! Now two of it's most eclectic DJs, Chris Burns & Gavin Holland, have launched their own imprint, Mysteries Of The Mind. Dedicated to releasing quality electronic music on vinyl, MOTM is off to a strong start with a 4 track 12" from Chris & Gavin's Party Bros. project. The A-side is a quirky hommage to DC's Malcolm X Park, but the real gems are the Balearic as fuck b-sides. "Heartstones" transports me to a washed out VHS beach universe where I can feel my white pants bunching up as I gawk at babes in neon bathing suites & "Arboretum" is all I can hear in my opium nod free love dreams on the beach. So yeah, grab a copy of the new 12" directly from the Bros here.

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