Monday, January 14, 2013

Il Suono Scuro: Direct to Video

From the Darklord:
A little off-season treat for those of you who follow the Il Suono Scuro series: a quick 30-minute mix comprised entirely of audio ripped from various VHS cassettes in my collection.
RIYL: hissy, smudgy, synthed-out soundtracks and snippets of poorly-delivered dialogue.

Track List:

Stryker: Warrior of Tomorrow
Nuclear Wasteland
Radioactive Nightmares
Jungle Airstrip/Ricky Dies
Will Harper's Theme
Demon Child
Brink of Madness
Stryker's Hallucination
Templar Stronghold
Road to Summerhaven
Eagle's Flight
Semper Fidelis
Fred Williamson's Theme/Explosive-Tipped Arrow
Pre-Dawn Rescue
Battletruck Destroyed
Back in the Saddle/Scope Assembly
Memories of Summerhaven
I Really Thought You'd Stay
Into the Sunset
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