Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gone Returns

Gone was the party of the year in 2013. We're really fortunate to do another at The Philadelphia Art Alliance on Friday! We'll have two rooms of FORWARD, DEEP and FREE music with Universal Cave, Robotique, and The Magic Message, plus immersive video and lighting installations. There will be a room for dancing and a room for spacing. There will be drinks but you can bring your own. We will be partying in a very awesome hundred year old mansion. The party is called GONE. Come out to the Art Alliance and we'll all be GONE together. We are super excited about doing this again and hope you will be too!

∞ with DJs ∞

UNIVERSAL CAVE ∞ Tony Modica, Brian Cassidy & Shawn Ryan

ROBOTIQUE ∞ Billy W. & Ryan T.

THE MAGIC MESSAGE ∞ Jeffrey Bouchard & Shearn & Cappadonna


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