Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunrise & Hyperbole

It's the weekend! Celebrate with two new originals from Superprince!!! If you like it, please comment, repost & like!

Using the same ancient Mayan technology that accurately predicted the end of the world in 2012, Superprince figured out what the world's number one New Year's resolution would be back in October.  It was, hands down to "Make love and watch the sunrise". After discovering this, they set out to make a track that would encourage people to make love and watch the sunrise. This is the fruit of their labors; with it's slowly rising synths and the undercurrent bassline, it is a persuasive house essay written with an abandoned record and a Roland JX8P.

With the same extremely accurate predictive Mayan technology, Superprince created an algorithm that would predict the most "hype" words in 2014. Then they cross referenced our findings with every tweet ever made while drunk, compiled the results into a massive spreadsheet, pumped the 707 full of steroids, tuned the fundamental of the sub to "futuristic" and made this track. Listen to find out what the most "scientifically" "hype" words of 2014 will be!

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