Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Block Party Promo Mix

So Skinny and I are doing a new Wednesday weekly in Philly, chock full of dollar bin jams. It's an outdoor thing* on the Delaware River, styled as "Block Party Classics, Past, Present and Future." Classic disco, funk, rap, electro of course, but also the new classics and the future classics that we'll be reminiscing about years from now. We've got great guests lined up to start, including Dollar Bin Jammer Mike Tee, and more great guests throughout the summer.

Check out the rapid-fire promo mix we did, full of some dollar bin jams we all know and love:

Philadelphyinz - Block Party Promo Mix | Divshare

*- there's an indoor part too- RAIN OR SHINE!


Shawn Ryan said...

Put the 'dro in the wind!

Mr.Devlin said...

what did you make this in?

you should release it on 45 like "stars on 45"

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

my portions are partly live, partly cubase. think andy used ableton.

that'd be dope to release like a 12" megamix white label like the ol' days.