Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strictly Marvelous

While waiting for a taping of The Colbert Report to start at the Annenberg Center a couple weeks ago, I wandered over to The Marvelous and cleaned them out of all the Strictly Rhythm I could find, at two bucks apiece. Here's the one I got from Physique, aka Ogi B, a "Serbian composer, keyboardist and house DJ living in London," according to Discogs.

There's just one mix of the first side (which Shawn Ryan is already threatening to edit in order to cut out the vocals), and I only included the superior version from the flip.

Physique - Superman (Space Disco mix) | DivShare | YSI | 320 kbps

Physique - Such a Joy (Deep Joy Sex Ride) | DivShare | YSI | 320 kbps


jerome green said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for Physique! I have a bunch of Strictly 12s, yet not nearly enough. There's so much hidden in the catalog.

IMHO, I like the vocals (I think it is sampling Herbie Mann's Supermann, not sure), but I could get into a mix w/o vocals.

Thanks again, Peace,

Dave Tat said...

You're exactly right, there is SO much out on that label, which means a lot of garbage but also a lot of gems to discover. And I agree, the vocals are cool, Shawn is just a hater ;) Thanks for the tip, and thanks for reading, Jerome!

Shawn Ryan said...

Those vocals are total garbage!

Billy said...

Superman is sick