Thursday, May 21, 2009

Juno Complex - My Hoverboard EP


01. Noom Tour (3:02)
02. Stellarwhore (3:31)
03. Dirty Chip Stack$ (2:19)
04. Mental Eraser (3:02)
05. Fuckery (1:28)
06. My Hoverboard (2:56)
07. Come Back Comet (2:52)

Juno Complex from Dallas, hits us with a futuristic oddyssey into some tripped out space hop. This experimental EP contains 7 tracks that will make you feel like you are floating on a hoverboard over a psychedelic landscape. Through out the EP the tracks are composed with experimental blips, classic nintendo samples, and synthesized pads that sound like they have traveled through space for quite some time now.Hover over this link and download this EP now for a bad trip into the future.

Juno Complex! - My Hoverboard EP | Mediafire

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Mando said...

Thank you for the post!

…all beats are for sale, please contact me, Mando ( if you’re interested in working with Juno Complex or interested in a beat from My Hoverboard EP - we are willing to work with your budget!

On behalf of Juno Complex, thank you!

…also, Juno Complex is coming out with a new EP coming VERY soon with Dallas’ own - Ekzile (