Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digger Joint

I found this 45 a few years back at a record show early in the morning. This track really isn't that great until the breaks, which are conveniently marked for those Serato users out there. But don't sleep - these breaks are amazing and a secret weapon of mine at any B-boy/B-girl jam. Speaking of B-boy/B-girl jams, I will be spinning at the Hexagon Space in Baltimore on June 4th, so if your around check it out. Until then enjoy this little gem.

Un Dos Tres Y...Fuera - Machu Picchu | Zshare | YSI |320 kbps


davey from honolulu said...

Ah, my darling DBJ, have I told you lately that I love you? This blog of yours is the sine qua non of MP3 blogs. It brings a little extra magic into my Sundays. Thank you.

Funk Ferret said...

Ooohh.. any chance of grabbing this one again?