Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cousin Cole - Slumberland

Our good friend Cousin Cole is a man short in stature but long on taste.  I have been spending the morning in the studio feeling GREAT while floating on the sounds of his new mix "Slumberland."  He implies it's a mix to provide pleasant ambiance for dozing, but I think any time asleep is time wasted if this is on.  Well done Cole.


The Big Ship - Brian Eno
Your Silent Face - New Order
Navigation (CC Edit) - OMD
Wavelength - Van Morrison
A Little Lost (CC Edit) - Arthur Russell
Just For You - Peter Green
She's Lost Control - Grace Jones
Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth
I Hear a Darkness (Acid Pauli Remix) - Johnny Cash
Mother Sky (Pilooski Edit) - Can
Slow Down - Feelies
Just Like Honey (Cousin Cole Remix) - Jesus & Mary Chain

If you like this, you should really dig into some of Cole's catalog.  He has been on top of the "tasteful edit" game for a very long time and he basically never puts out anything that isn't worth a few spins!

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