Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Italo Disco direct from Baltimore and... erm, Italy!

For my inaugural contribution to DBJ I figured I'd stay true to form and offer up two interesting tracks that were discovered on the cheap. One was found for a dollar and the other for one Euro, respectively. The first is an odd Electronic Disco single (with some Italo flourishes) out of Baltimore, MD circa 1983. Not much is known of Kym, as "Give Me The Dance" was her only release, however more is known of the label on which her track appeared - Award Records. Home to early Electronic artist David Astri, Award released "Dancing Digits" which has become a highly sought after 12" due to years of support from the likes of DJ Harvey and Daniel Wang. I personally prefer the mysterious K-Y-M's single over Mr. Astri's, but I'll be posting "Dancing Digits" next week for you to decide for yourself. In the meantime check out the insanity of analog synths that is "Give Me The Dance" (Dance Mix).

Kym - Give Me The Dance (Dance Mix)

The above photo is of the infamous Bobby Orlando. Love him or hate him, dude (seemingly unintentionally) wrote and produced some great Italo/Euro Disco records for artists like the Flirts ("Passion"), the NY Models ("Love On Video"), Roni Griffith ("Spys") Divine ("Native Love") and the Pet Shop Boys (original version of "West End Girls") to name a few. The track I've posted here is by the group Dosio circa 1983 and is a cover of the song "Dancin." Originally released in 1979, "Dancin" is Bobby Orlando's first credited production and was sung by one Ted Foster. The original version is a drab slice of cookie cutter Disco and doesn't even hint at Bobby O's promising future. Dosio, however, rescue this song with some prime era Italo arpeggiated bass lines, analog synths and whispered vocals. I found this single in Berlin last Spring for one Euro at a flea market. The same vendor sold me original copies of "End Title (Blade Runner)" by Hypnosis, "Ultimate Warlord" by the Immortals, and "Fear" by Easy Going for a grand total of 15 Euro... I miss Berlin.

Dosio - Dancin' (Instrumental)


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO, SO much for posting the Kym "Give Me the Dance" mix. I've been trying to find it on Soulseek for about two years now after first hearing DJ Speculator play in on East Village Radio. Now if only I could track down "Musica Magica"....

Jason said...

FUCK I miss Berlin too. Dosio is nice though.