Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't let the smooth shit fool you, I will do shit to you...


Hey all, my name is GentleWhoadie9000, but some of you know me as DJ Apt One of the Philadelphyinz party in Philly and New York. I blog at Just Sayin' and Pour the Science and I also write a sports column for

Shawn asked me to hop on this here internets musical hayride, and I'll be providing some nice vinyl rips of the rap, disco, soul and electro persuasions as well as mixes and edits that I've done.... So here goes!

I'll start by laying some of my own shit on ya. Here are a couple of remixes that Skinny Friedman and I churned out the last few weeks:

Philadelphyinz- Pittsburgh Club Anthem (Zshare, 320k)

This is a remix of the Steelers' longtime fight song. The original is a terrible song, but we thought this was a fun track for the hometown heads. I plan to drop this on the Brillo Box in a month or so.

Hail Social- One U Love (Philadelphyinz Remix) (zshare, 320k)

Hail Social- One U Love (Philadelphyinz Remix Instrumental) (zshare, 320k)

Hail Social contacted us about working on their remix album for their recent release Modern Love and Death. We obliged, but we're not holding out too much hope for this track actually making it on the EP coming out on Flamin Hotz records considering the insane talent on the remix album: Cosmo Baker, Eli Escobar, Pink Skull, Sta and more... damn!


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