Friday, February 19, 2010

Lone Ranger

My homie in Philadelphia Yung Harrison is a hard core reggae head and is always putting me on to great records including these two. I was digging in Maryland about a year ago and came across Lone Ranger's 12' "Donst Falla Romour" I quickly snatched it up when i realized it was sitting in a dollar bin and called my boy Harrison. I knew as soon as I listen to it on my portable turntable that it was fire, but i wanted to know more about the Lone Ranger. Yung Harrison was hype to know I found a copy and told me to download "M-16" as soon as i get home. Last week he emailed me asking for a rip of "Donst Falla Romour" so I gladly obliged! Here are two banging tracks from the homie Lone Ranger. Puff that good good then Enjoy!

Lone Ranger - Donst Falla Romour | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Lone Ranger - M16 | Mediafire | YSI | CD Rip


amphibious said...

I love lone ranger, got a 10" of m-16 and it sounds ooh so sweet!

thanks for the donst falla romour rip!

Marc Meistro said...

one of the all time greatest!

Green Revolution said...

Please reupload M16. Thanks :)