Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On The Road With The Ruler

Since my last post I have visited Chicago and Salt Lake City on The 3rd Rail Jam Tour. The pics above are of (in order) New Jersey, Chicago and North Carolina - I crowd surfed in NC. During my trip I have mostly been kicking it with Slicks Rick's DJ, DJ Kaos - the dood is mad cool and we even went record shopping in Salt Lake! To bad we both have 10,000 records and we did not find anything yet :( lol

I had a chance in between Chicago and Salt Lake to return home and during that time i tried to think of a Slick Rick record that I could impress him with. I came up with the 1988 Al B Sure record "If I'm Not Your Lover" that featured Slick for a few verses. Just a side note, I bought the record when I was 12 years old. When we arrived at the Hotel in Chicago I pulled it out, but at first I was not going to say anything considering he is constantly being bothered by his fans to sign something or take a picture. Then his wife spotted it in my hand and said RICK! Slick looked at it and said WOW, he kind of took a step back as if he had forgotten about it. To say the least he was impressed. DJ Kaos then told me he had been looking for it for a while and asked me to rip it for him. So here it is, hope you enjoy. Next stop is in Los Angeles California!

PS: Remember to download the Slacker Radio app to your smart phone to support! It's free and if you like Pandora this blows it out the water.

Al B Sure ft. Slick Rick - If I'm Not Your Lover
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps


The Daily Breather said...

One of the coolest road stories I've heard in a while. Nice! Cool blog btw. Shawn Ryan sent me here today. Whatap Shawn!

djBTips said...

Reup for this one would be pheeeee nomenal