Friday, October 26, 2007

Disco Undead, part 1: "When the earth spits out the dead, they will come back to suck the blood of the living!"

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and every year I'm disappointed by how few horror movies are on TV in the month of October. And the ones they do show - I mean, Jesus, Piñata: Survival Island? So here's me coping with two more of my favorite things: electronic music and zombies.

Disco Undead
was a UK-only release on Device Recordings out of Manchester (the label appears to have since gone under, as its website is no longer active). The concept: reinterpretations of classic horror movie themes by modern producers. It came out in 2004, but it's basically an Italo disco compilation for the most part (with authentic-sounding production), and the songs themselves are bonafied classics.

Zombi 2 is not in fact the sequel to Zombi - the title Dawn of the Dead was released with in Italy - but was so named by director Lucio Fulci to establish a connection between the two films. It worked; Fulci became an overnight sensation in Europe, and Zombi 2 became the first movie to feature a zombie fighting a shark underwater.

Gique - Fulci's Rotting Children

I'm on a kick now, so keep checking back up through Halloween because I'm going to continue posting my favorite tracks from this record.

-Dave T


lisa jane said...

dave, where did you find this? it's absolutely madatory for an electronic halloween party if anyone were to ever have one. looking forward to the next track.

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