Thursday, January 29, 2015

Am I Still The One

Dead Rose Music Company debut 12" from 2010, featuring one of his signature spaced out disco cruisers along with a dancefloor smashing remix by the almighty Rob Mello.

Dead Rose Music Company - Am I Still The One 
Mediafire Zippyshare • 2010

Dead Rose Music Company - Am I Still The One
(Rob Mello No Ears Remix)
MediafireZippyshare • 2010

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spatial Reggae

Here's a real treat - a "spatial" reggae cut from the Arpadys LP, complete with the heavy grooves and dope synths they're famous for.

Arpadys - Spatial Reggae

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sexy Thing

Sharegroove's Duckcomb cutting the cheese & amping the sleeze from Bob McGilpin's Sexy Thing.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

100 Years of Solid Dudes Volume 2

Jameszilla, the man behind 100 Years of Solid Dudes, is going to royally scramble your brain waves with this one...
Forty-five minutes of fast-forward nosebleed queasy-listening—collected, dissected, and painstakingly re-inflected by Solid Dude Numero Uno James Weissinger, aka Jameszilla (Broadzilla DJs, Making Time). Throw caution to the wind and prepare for Centennial Sentiments, Maximum Solidity, and of course, Dudes Beyond Belief. Welcome to 100 Years of Solid Dudes Volume 2.
Featuring: Fugazi / Kate Bush / William Onyeabor / The Future Sound of London / Blood Orange / Akiko Yano / Atom and His Package / David Bowie / Visage / Friends / LCD Soundsystem / Japan / Rolling Stones / Tones on Tail / The Stranglers / Eurythmics / Pizzicato Five / Tom Tom Club / Dice Raw / Oingo Boingo / King Crimson / Roy Henry Alexander Gover / Lords of Acid / Jakie Quartz / Kraftwerk / Supergrass / Devo / Michael Jackson / Timmy Thomas / Autre Ne Veut / Tortoise / Captain Beefheart / Paradise of Replica / My Bloody Valentine / The Human League / Goldfrapp / Shikh al-Moutchou / XTC / The Chameleons UK / Johnny Harris / Per Tjernberg / Bleached / Chaka Khan / Jamie Paton / Simple Minds / Dunkelziffer / Talking Heads / Air / David Astri / The English Beat / Al Usher / Orient Express / The Bar-Kays / Studio / Bassnectar / WHAM / Rajie / Nospy / Apollo XI / Pink Floyd / The Orb / The Cure / Love International / The B52s / Jellphonic / Ryuichi Sakamoto / God Lives Underwater / Gwen Guthrie / Jack Knife / Splinterfunk / Tomoko Kuwae / Pyrolator / Big 200 / Out Hud / Tiga / and many many more.

Mastered by Dave Tat at Cargo City Studios //

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Everybody Party

Kon's extended edit of The Firebolts - Everybody Party. Pardon the sound quality - the On Track 12" this was ripped from had dodgy sound quality. Anyway, that should not stop you from partying!

The Firebolts - Everybody Party (Kon's 12" Re-Edit)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Do It To Me

Vernon Burch, who played with the Bar-Kay's for a bit and is currently a preacher, on the boogie funk tip. This has been a favorite for a while. You see it in shops around Philly, Baltimore & DC regularly. 

Vernon Burch - Do It To Me
Mediafire Zippyshare • 1981

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Motown Jawns

Thanks to Lil Dave & Junior, Motown On Mondays expanded to Philadelphia a couple months ago. This Monday, Coolout, who is responsible for the Disgo remixes, is making his MOM debut. To celebrate, he released 15 Motown sample based beats and blends. That's right, FIFTEEN! Dig in jammers. You can stream or download them from Soundcloud, find them on HeartThis or grab the whole pack on Mediafire.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Funk Train in Boston

This Friday, the Funk Train will be rolling into Boston and I'll have some special guests in tow.  Amy Douglas will be singing Funk Train live, Goulet will be slingin' tunes and the one and only Cosmo Baker will be doubling up with me on the wheels as we dish out the finest disco, funk, soul and house.

Always good to see my DBJ family when I'm out on the road - and this is gonna be a good one.

Here are the details:

Michael The Lion's Funk Train

Cosmo Baker, Amy Douglas, Goulet
w/ DJ Apt One aka Michael The Lion (Soul Clap)
Good Life
28 Kingston St. Boston, MA
$5 before 11, $10 after
Jan 9th, 2010.

Related: Michael The Lion - Funk Train 12", The World of Michael The Lion Mix

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feels Like XTC

Homero Espinosa hooking it up with a DJ friendly edit of a primo Masters At Work groove...

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