Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 Hours of Funk at Hurrah

This Saturday at Hurrah I'm proud to finally bring Baltimore's 4 Hours of Funk party to Philadelphia. Resident DJs Fleg & Excalime have been working dancefloors & rocking for break crews for a while, and lately they've been busy blessing The Charm City with top talent, such as The Beautiful Swimmers, Sharegroove & Hunee and opening for Dam-Funk. Which is to say, right now these gentlemen are on top of their game, and Saturday they're coming straight up 95 North straight to the rave cave. Check out the Zuckerbook event here.

Plus Exclaime was kind enough to hook us with an exclusive drop of this Junior Byron edit! And I poached the mixable Police edit from their excellent blog.

Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Exclaime's Edit)

Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

The Police - When The World Is Running Down (Exclaime's Edit)
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Once again I present you with the real deal 4 Hours of Funk mix. Just listen...
 4 Hours of Funk Mix by DJ's Exclaime and Fleg by 4hoursofunk

And here's a brand spankin new remix under his government name:
 Slow Hands - Headgear - Graham Hatke Dub by More Or Less

YR Disco Corner With RCMP, Soidisco & Pumpkin Patch!

We have promotional mixes to get you in the mood for some fantastic releases we have coming out in October. Pumpkin Patch's "Grooveberry Jam" EP comes out October 4th and RCMP "II" comes out October 18th. We also have a new, recently released EP from Solidisco that is sure to tickle the fancy of some DBJ readers.

DJ Pumpkin Patch burst onto the scene with his remix of RCMP's "Mustache Love" - a tune which shot to the top of the charts on Beatport in the spring of 2010. Now, P-Patch takes center stage with the "Grooveberry Jam" EP - a record chock-full of peak-time French Touch bangers that are absolutely certain to rock any party. From the swinging grooves of the title track to the hands-in-the-air banger "Doobie Bras," this is a must-have for any DJ on the scene. Fans of Fred Falke, Justice and Ed Banger records need this in their playlist.

Grooveberry Jam EP Sampler by Pumpkin Patch

1. Grooveberry Jam
2. Doobie Bras
3. Heartless
4. Let's Dance
5. Blueberry Jam

RCMP II, our fourth record, is featured on this promo mix containing all of the originals and remixes that will be included on a subsequent remix EP. Every flavor of disco on this - from epic burners to soaring synth solos to boogie to tech-ed out swingers! The remix lineup is amazing, featuring artists from Strictly Rhythm, RVNG INTL, Fool's Gold, Solid Bump and of course, Young Robots.

RCMP - RCMP II Promo Mix by Young Robots Records

1. RCMP - Sweat And Loving
2. RCMP - Sweat And Loving (Pink Skull Remix)
3. RCMP - Sweat And Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)
4. RCMP - Love The Music
5. RCMP - Love The Music (Fifteenth Remix)
6. RCMP - Love The Music (Laberge Remix)
7. RCMP - Love The Music (Elvis Suarez Remix)
8. RCMP - Strings (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
9. RCMP - Strings
10. RCMP - Strings (Burnso Remix)
11. RCMP - Men's Rhythm

You would not think upstate New York would produce the musical minds behind really fun summery music, but that is exactly the situation with Solidisco's Lovebeat. Buffalo's DJ D.Star and Biacco -- both top-tier club DJ's in their own right -- team up for an EP of tight disco house, combining their love of classic disco with the energy of today's club music. Yearning diva vocals, funky basslines and huge filter builds make the whole EP dancefloor gold that will keep the energy up even at peak time. Perfect for fans for Duck Sauce, Cassius, Bob Sinclair and the like.

We're really excited to have Solidisco on Young Robots can't wait to hear these jams in constant rotation. The EP is out now at all fine digital retailers.

Solidisco - Lovebeat EP **OUT NOW ON YOUNG ROBOTS** by Solidisco

Monday, September 26, 2011

On Repeat

Azealia Banks -"212" from Jon Smish on Vimeo.

 This track is such a great combination of so many elements of current club music. Shouts to Kenny Raw for putting me onto it!

  212 by Azealia Banks

 Azealia Banks - 212 | Mediafire | 320 kbps

Introducing Voder

Voder is a new Philly-based record label specializing in house and techno for the surrealer clubs of the 21st century. Currently they're on the third volume of their podcast, with Philly's Ditchdigger blending an impressive collection of originals with a few other select jams. Keep up with their release schedule & other news on Facebook and grab their podcasts from Soundcloud.

  VODERcast #3 - Ditchdigger - Not About The Shoez by VODER Records

Something's Going On

Just in case you missed it, here's a summer 2011 disco burner. Be on the lookout for soho808's awesome original material on Wurst

  George Benson - What's On Your Mind (soho808 something's going on edit) by soho808

George Benson - What's On Your Mind (soho808's Something's Going On Edit) | Mediafire  | 320 kbps

Just Breathe

DC's Chris Burns just dropped another dope house bootleg, complete with live congas...

  Q-Tip - Breathe and Stop (Chris Burns Groover Bootleg) by ChrisBurns

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Year Of The Edit - Lil Dave

Since Fich is busy being a #djonaplane, I thought I'd chime in and present one of Lil Dave of the Illvibe Collective's new blends. Dave combined two certified party classics to create a new flavor of awesome:

  Soul II Soul - Back 2 Life (Illvibe Collective Blend) by Illvibe Collective

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Young Robots Site Relaunch, West Coast Tour, MDA Vol. 3 and More

Hey DBJ fam. Apologies for a bit of hiatus in the "Year of the Edit" series, and this blog in general. Things have been very busy at DJ Apt One HQ and I've been unable to find the time to curate the project, but there will be more entries, just a little more infrequently. Shouts to Shawn for holding down the fort.

I wanted to give everybody a bit of a news update on all the things that have been keeping me from this and hit you with some tunes, info and some nation-wide show announcements.

-We have been making big changes over at Young Robots. We added DJ Ayres as a partner, redesigned our website, and we're slated to release a half-dozen records this fall. We have EPs from RCMP, Solidisco (aka D-Star), Bang Noyes (aka Bladerunners) and Pumpkin Patch. There are also various other singles and projects in the works including the RCMP remixes with work from Fifteenth (Sammy Bananas & Mike B), Elvis Suarez (Strictly Rhythm Recs), Pumpkin Patch, Burnso, Pink Skull (RVNG Intl), Laberge (Solid Bump) and Ayres.

We're also working on a podcast that will feature lots of guest interviews, guest mixes and more. Episode 1 is about the rise of the DC scene, Sadat X's homophobia and the upcoming VIA new media festival in Pittsburgh.

We just dropped Moombahton de Acero Vol. 3 today. This is the most recent entry in a series that has been hugely successful for us. It's a free download, featuring productions by Skinny Friedman, Jay Fay, Cassius Slay, Tiny Cat and yours truly. Preview it below as you read on!

Moombahton De Acero 3: Robots Jovenes by Young Robots Records

V/A - Moombahton de Acero Vol. 3 - DIRECT LINK

-There is some other future production I'm working on which I know will be of special interest to the disco and house savvy readers here at DBJ. I've been busy on a weirdo concept project with Sammy Bananas, some mid-tempo global sound singles and remixes with Gregor Salto and re-edits for Harmless Records' 40 Years of Philadelphia Int'l Records RE-Edits comp. Huge thanks for DBJ reader J-Ski for engaging me about that last project. I will keep everybody posted on those as they come out!

-Last but not least I have some tour dates coming up, and hopefully I will see some of our readership out on the road, as I always do. This week I'll be in NYC, Phoenix and LA, and there are dates later in the fall in Omaha, Chicago and elsewhere that I'll make sure to inform you about later.

I am actively looking to pick up a bunch of fall and early winter bookings for both DJ Apt One and RCMP, and if you are interested in having me in your town I'd like to hear from you. You can find my contact information at my site.

Tuesday, 9/20
Moombahton Maxxin
DJ Apt One, Skinny Friedman, DJ Ayres, Cousin Cole and Phi Unit
25 Avenue A
New York, NY

Thursday, 9/22
Blunt Club
DJ Apt One, Pickster One and More
Yucca Tap Room
29 W. Southern Avenue
Tempe, AZ

Friday, 9/23
SPECIAL RCMP SET w/ Evol Intent, Adam F, Gigamesh
1735 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, 9/24
Cheap Pop
DJ Apt One, Mike B, Nate Day, Haycock
The Shortstop
1455 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Monday, September 19, 2011

DBJ Back!

Wow, it's been a while! I guess me, Fich & the family have been distracted by real life lately. Fear not though, we still have some gems to post! Year of the Edit will be back with some new blends by Illvibe Collective's Lil Dave. There are also a couple new Philly based podcasts in the works. Right now here's a new rerub from Sergio & Allen, the Allen & Heath of edits...
  Stevie Wonder = My Eyes Don't Cry (Sergio & Allen Craig Tears Of Joy Edit) by sergioaudio