Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Year of the Edit - USA Party Break

Each week in 2011, the "Year of the Edit," Dollar Bin Jams and Young Robots Records will be debuting one exclusive edit for your enjoyment!

This tune appeared about a year ago on the site, and then it went away, laid dormant, and now, with a slightly new mixdown, it's back just in time for July 4th.

USA Party Break 2011 by DJ Apt One

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Hours of Funk Mix

Despite it's name, this mix is not 4 hours long and is not exclusively funk. It's more like an hour's worth of funky disco, electro, italo and, well... funk. Baltimore's Exclaime & Fleg put this together to give you a little taste of their monthly 4 Hours of Funk parties. I actually met Exclaime last year in Bmore randomly. I was heading to an all night DnB party around 1am (don't ask) with a mutual friend of ours. We ran into Exclaime on our way and he said he was going to check out another party where Spen & Karizma were playing. That sounded like a million times more appealing than a DnB party, so we headed over to Highlandtown together and danced/vibed to a couple of legends holding it down on their home turf. So yeah, listen to the mix!

4 Hours of Funk Mix by DJ's Exclaime and Fleg by 4hoursofunk

Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Hooks

By now most of you dbj heads know i love funk. In light of spinning at North Bowl one of my favorite spot to play funk in Philly this past Saturday, here is a nice 45 rip for you. By the way, big shout out to my homie Record Ray for this. Last week was his 60th Birthday! Enjoy!

Little Hooks - Give The Drummer Some More |mediafire|Ysi| 320 kbps

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Turning Into Straight Lines

Instamatic just released a new 4 song EP, Turning Into Straight Lines. Their wall of synth sound is in full effect on each of the four tracks, all of which are excellent. Plus the sequencing of the songs makes the EP a cohesive listen. They come on strong with Architecture and close it out nicely with All Over. Downloads are available from their bandcamp.

Ice Warf

From the new Work Drugs EP, Ice Wharf (Smooth​-​P). Get the whole release from bandcamp.
Ice Wharf by Work Drugs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dollar Bin Jams Soundcloud Group

I realize that although this is a blog, it is also in some ways a community. Perhaps the most common thing that people say to me when I meet them on tour is "I love Dollar Bin Jams, I check it all the time." It has been really awesome meeting many of you around the country since we started this site in 2007.

There are obviously lots of musicians and music lovers who follow DBJ, and we've created a soundcloud group in order to have more interaction with the thousands of people who visit the site each week, and let our readers interact with each other as well.

It is a moderated group. I've found that on soundcloud, the unmoderated groups quickly get over-run with junk that soundcloud trolls just drop in every group they can join. We will attempt to curate this group with the same kind of quality control that we exercise on the blog, so please only submit your best work! We welcome all different kinds of music.

Periodically, submissions to this group will be featured on the site.

Visit and join the group at

Year of the Edit - DJ Apt One - Long Cool Woman

Each week in 2011, the "Year of the Edit," Dollar Bin Jams and Young Robots Records will be debuting one exclusive edit for your enjoyment!

Here's one for those hot summer days - a beefy edit of "Long Cool Woman," which, for my money, is the best Creedence knock-off tune ever made!

Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress (DJ Apt One Edit) by DJ Apt One

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was browsing though the stock at Earcave when I came across this gem. HOW IS THIS FROM 2010? So crazy - I only realized it when I came across Benny Badge's Soundcloud.

FREEKWENCY feat Penny Shum - Dont Tell Me (Extended Vocal Mix) by Benny Badge

Vinyl only - grab a copy from Earcave.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jessica 6 at Keep It Casual

Jessica 6 is back in Philly, courtesy of Keep It Casual. Here are the details and here's the Facebook event.
1/3 Magic Message, 1/2 Fish & Chips, and over 6 parts Jessica, KEEP IT CASUAL is all the party you need Saturday 6/24. Dressed down and unpressed, residents Jeffrey (The Magic Message) and Dave Tidey (Fish & Chips) welcome JESSICA 6 into the comfort cove at KFN for a night of pleasurable abandon with live shadow play by video artist Daniella Sansota. With a laid-back $5 general admission, and a free PBR drink ticket for the first 50 through the door, feel free to stop by, bust a button, or lose a loafer. Whatever, it's cool.

The NYC-based trio Jessica 6, made up of ex-Hercules and Love Affair members, have been traveling around the world for years, playing gigs in London, Miami, Santiago, Belgrade and Iceland, bringing new converts to the dance floor with their hybrid of house, soul and R&B. In celebration of their debut album, See The Light (released June 7 on Peacefrog) the band hits the road once again with their hypnotic live show, starting it off with two east coast dates in NYC and Philadelphia, before heading West for a run that includes a stop at San Francisco’s Gay Pride stage.

Jessica 6 - Prisoner of Love | Direct Download | 160 kbps

Jessica 6 - East West Funk | Direct Download | 320 kbps

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Year of the Edit - DJ A-Mac

Each week in 2011, the "Year of the Edit," Dollar Bin Jams and Young Robots Records will be debuting one exclusive edit for your enjoyment!

Apologies for not putting up an edit last week, I was getting my whole steez back together after an awesome wedding and honeymoon.

This week we have an entry from Calgary's DJ A-Mac, who is a fellow traveler in the wonderful world of Moombahton. Like many of us, he's a DJ's DJ, making edits that work in the club. He has been kind enough to lace us up with an uptempo, Dutch-style peak-time joint which brings the 2011 NRG!

Tijuana Trumpets Workin With (DJ A-Mac Bootleg)
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

You can find more A-Mac at his soundcloud,

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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Astral Dancer

Ryan T. & Billy W. have finally released an official Robotique mixtape! Though they've been DJing together for a few years, Astral Dancer is their first collaborative mix. I gotta say it was worth waiting for - they've clearly spent all of that time unearthing some mysterious jams. Plus it's literally a tape! They made 25 cassettes & ripped it from one. Be sure to download this one - it's a sonic journey like no other.

Robotique - The Astral Dancer | Mediafire | 90 minutes of mystery

Robotique - The Astral Dancer by Robotique Philadelphia

The Breaks

Matpat's back with a chunky techno groover. Keep this around for when the afterparty gets weird.

Planningtorock - The Breaks (matpatBootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD by matpat

Planningtorock - The Breaks (matpatBootleg) | Mediafire | 320 kbps

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NYC Trust Digital

I recently came across these edits by Brooklyn's Monk-One. They're pretty funky & tastefully done - I suggest downloading them. Plus his label, Names You Can Trust, is giving away tunes from a bunch of their artists. You can find the rest here.

Nightlife Unlimited - Tell Me (Monk-One Edit)
Direct Download | 320 kbps

Erlon Chaves - Me & My Baby Brother (Monk-One Edit)
Direct Download | 320 kbps

Moving Me Up

At last, Young Edits massive "How We Walk On The Moon" edit has finally properly been released! We've been a big fan of this track since it first surfaced in late 09. I think it even made it's way onto Tim Sweeney's best of 2010 on Beats in Space. And now it's available along with 3 other blissful edits for all y'all disco junkes!

FAM007 Moving Me Up EP by Young Edits // Youth

Grab the files at Juno Download or pick up the vinyl at Turntable Lab.

You've Got Style

Eyefour did a mysterious rock edit! So who can figure out the original artist? I believe in you, jammers!

You've Got Style (Eyefour Edit) by Eyefour

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10th Stone mix

01 Jai Paul – BTSTU (edit)
02 AshTreJinkins – TheOtherHalf 2
03 Michael White – Land of Spirit and Light Pt.3
04 Mndsgn – IncenseHolder
05 Memorecks – Cartridge
06 Bueller – bEEMiNEdwelude
07 KenLo craqnuques – 125_
08 Action Bronson – Body Language
09 Vlooper – GetEnovye
10 Tyler the Creator – She feat Frank Ocean
11 Shlohmo – Places
12 Ghibli – Hollywood Snow
13 StewRat – Storm

10th Stone
by OneStainless

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eclectic Circus Wireless Show

I'm a big fan of the Eclectic Circus radio program. The hosts, Paul Hughes and Adey Luvdup, describe the program like this:
Thursday night is Eclectic Circus Wireless Show night with Paul Hughes and Adey Luvdup from 10pm on Salford City Radio - laugh, cry and possibly feel a little queasy as you listen to two semi-retired Acid Housers who simply refuse to let go as they grow old disgracefully on air...They also happen to play some bloody good music into the bargain.
The most recent edition sadly has no voice over, but it's packed full of summer groove rarities and presented uncut on soundcloud, 20 minutes longer than it's original air length. The banter between the two hosts is almost as good as the music itself - chock full or arguments and choice accents.

The Eclectic Circus UNCUT Bunga Bunga BBQ Mix - Limited Download by The Eclectic Circus

Check out their soundcloud page to hear special guest mixes on the program from Greg Wilson and Tom Moulton (yes, the Tom Moulton) and make sure you follow them!

Year of the Edit will be back this week, so I'll see you soon!