Thursday, December 24, 2015

Must Be The Yuletide

Free download of a recent staple in my sets for the next 24 hours. Act fast!

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Always There

Sharegroove's Duckcomb re-arranged Willie Bobo's cover of Ronnie Laws "Always There" for maximum dancefloor action. And be sure to scroll down a few posts to hear Michael The Lion's club friendly version of the same song.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Michael The Lion - Most Known Edits

My latest EP of edits under the Michael The Lion moniker are now available from London-based Giant Cuts Records. This vinyl-only release features four tunes which kind of showcase my MO - sampled grooves and lots of my own live instrumentation and percussion. Some of these tunes you may recognize from my live sets from over the years - strictly dancefloor jams - keepin it funky and uplifting as best I can!

 You can buy the 12" from Juno, Pacific Beach Vinyl, Picadilly and more. Here's a little demo reel to give you a flavor of what's on the record.
Very flattered to have been asked to put these out. I never really intended Michael The Lion to be a project that was edit-oriented (stay tuned for more originals coming soon) but I'm very happy that amazing edit-oriented labels like Razor-N-Tape and now Giant Cuts have graciously put up their hard-earned money to press my tunes. No better feeling than holding a record of your jams in your hands.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Golden Round Circus

It's been a while, but Universal Cave couldn't fool around no more: we have a new 45 available now, featuring two edits from Stockholm's The Keeper!  UC005 is music for sideways times when down is up and up is down. “Golden Round Circus” and “I Couldn’t Fool Around No More” are spiritual kin to Michael Wynn Band’s “Black Night” and Straight Shooter’s “Frame of Mind.” Piccadilly Records summed it up well:

“"Golden Round Circus" takes your breath away from the off, sucking you into a zero gravity groove before the metallic synths, reverb soaked snares and trippy sequences make lights and colours swirl before your eyes. Weird delayed vocals and snaking synth lines take things to the next level, turning your brain inside out while your limbs move of their own accord. B-side cut, "I Couldn't Fool Around No More" dons its boat shoes and gets stuck into a tasty yacht boogie, soaring into the sunset on open drum breaks, guitar solos and multitracked harmonies. One for cosmic heads and Balearic beards alike, this offering from the Fasaan man is another essential release for Universal Cave.”


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