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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Il Suono Scuro IV

Just in time for Halloween, here's volume IV of the dreaded Il Suono Scuro mix series. You must be at least 4 feet tall & 18 years of age to ride this ride! Actually, Brian Blackout put it best...
"If you want some serious dark vibes while carving pumpkins or carving up backpackers, this is the DJ mix you need."

Il Suono Scuro IV by darklord

01. Lalo Schifrin - Omega (The Osterman Weekend, 1983)
02. Jack White - Bay Of Pigs (Solo Für Zwei Superkiller, 1980)
03. Sylvester Levay - Cobra (Cobra, 1986)
04. Cerrone - Generique/Make-Up
(Brigade Mondaine 1978 - Shawn Ryan's Dissection)
05. Orphée - Orphée (Orphée, 1983)
06. Wally Badarou - Obeah Man Dub/Theme From Countryman
(Countryman, 1982)
07. Paolo Dossena - War (Tornado, 1983)
08. Herbie Hancock - Party People (Death Wish, 1974)
09. Pierre Bachelet - Motel Show
(Le Dernier Amant Romantique, 1978)
10. Cerrone - Strip Tease (Brigade Mondaine 1978)
11. M&G Orchestra - Black Inferno (Darklord Edit)
(Raiders Of Atlantis, 1985)
12. Keith Emerson - Face To Face (Nighthawks, 1981)
13. John Carpenter - The Crazies Come Out
(Die Klapperschlange, 1982)
14. Cabaret Voltaire - Hallucination Sequence (Johnny Yesno, 1983)
15. Scott Johnson - Dad Mom (Patty Hearst, 1988)
16. Herbie Hancock - Revenge Suite (Death Wish, 1974)
17. Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave - Mineshaft Chase
(Phantasm, 1979)
18. Gianni Rossi - Death By 69 (Gutterballs, 2009)
19. Tom Guycot - DETRESFA (Unreleased)
20. John Carpenter - Back To The Pod
(Die Klapperschlange, 1982)
21. Cabaret Voltaire - D.T.'s (Johnny Yesno, 1983)
22. David Campbell - Love Theme From All The Right Moves
(All The Right Moves, 1983)

See for the rest of the series.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Space Skate

The elusive Burrito Matt recently emerged from the Arizona desert in South Cental LA. He issued the follow statement:


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


After two long years, we have finally followed up RCMP I with, you guessed it, RCMP II (hat-tip to Cerrone). Of all the music projects I do, this one is my favorite and the one I am most uncompromising about. I love RCMP like it was my first-born son.

You can buy the record at iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Turntable Lab and more, but those are the easiest places to get it.

We are incredibly proud of this record and we have a great remix EP follow up in a few months with Fifteenth, Pink Skull, Pumpkin Patch, Ayres, Laberge, Burnso, Elvis Suarez and some special secret remixers!

Listen to it all here, and please do buy a song or two or maybe the whole thing! This is how we eat!!

RCMP - RCMP II by DJ Apt One

We have a couple of release parties planned, one in Philly, one in Pittsburgh, and then a date in Chicago at After Disco, whose edits have been featured here a few times. We'd love to see you out there!

Friday, October 21, 2011
The Ball
RCMP Album Release
Kung Fu Necktie
Front and Thompson Streets
Philadelphia, PA

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Humanaut Halloween Party and RCMP Record Release
RCMP, Jose Luis, Edgar Um, Aaron Clark, Jason Cuban and More
Chinatown Inn
Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, November 11, 2011
After Disco
RCMP with Adulture, Yazi and Just.One.Duran
2011 W. North Avenue
Chicago, IL

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Greg Wilson recently decided to share a wav of his instrumental edit of Cathedrals, previously only available on the first Disco Deviance 12".

D.C. LaRue 'Cathedrals' (greg wilson edit) by gregwilson

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Year of the Edit - Deep Sang

Each week in 2011, the "Year of the Edit," Dollar Bin Jams and Young Robots Records will be debuting one exclusive edit for your enjoyment!

Long-lost DBJ contributor Deep Sang served me up with this nice re-arrangement of the Fantastic Aleems' weekend anthem. I recommend checking out more from Deep Sang and his buddies in the Sol Power clique at their site.

Get Down Friday Night (Deep Sang Edit) by Deep Sang

For previous "Year of the Edit" entries, look HERE.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vodercast 4

With the lightning quickness, here's another volume of the Vodercast by Philadelphia's Lara Kallich.

VODERcast #4 - Lara - TayTay Haayy by VODER Records

1. R. Kelly - Be My #2 (Dubbel Dutch RnG mix) [Dutty Artz]
2. Kingdom - Fog (Night Slugs)
3. Breton - RDI (Girl Unit rmx) [Hemlock]
4. Kingdom vs. Girl Unit vs Ciara - Ride It Everytime [Night Slugs]
5. Ladybox - Got It Right Here (Dubbel Dutch rmx) [Palms Out Sounds]
6. Harddrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound refix) [Night Slugs]
7. Blawan - Getting Me Down [white]
8. DJ Assault - Funky Bitch [Electrofunk]
9. DJ Orgasmic vs Joe vs Ludacris - How Clap Low Trap [bootleg]
10. Maurice Donovan - Babeh [Sssss]
11. Kingdom - Stadium Pass [Enchufada]
12. Instra:mental - When I Dip [NonPlus+]
13. Mosca - Nike (club edit) [Night Slugs]
14. LV feat. Josh Idehen - Northern Line [Keysound]
15. Malenta + Jay Robinson feat. Yo Majesty - Cherry Pop (Raffertie rmx) [Fat!]
16. Nguzunguzu - Water Bass Power [Fade To Mind]
17. Addison Groove - This Is It [Tectonic]
18. Ditchdigger feat. Tay Tay - Hurtmedub [unreleased]
19. Jimmy Edgar - My Beatz [Warp]

Remember the Robot

If you haven't checked in with Robots In Heat lately, I suggest you do your homework...

San Francisco's Jason Darrow has been blessing the web with obscure gems and secret vinyl scores since way back in 07. Just recently he awoke my inner nerd with this monster groove:

Novalis - Anakonda | Direct Link | 192 kbps

Also, be sure to listen to his excellent Noncollective mix if you haven't.