Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Same Love

The Whiskey Barons did it again, with this extended Bill Withers groover. Almost 10 minutes of dubbed out, soulful bliss...

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Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

San Francisco's Straylite flipped Ecstasy, Passion & Pain into a vintage vocal house burner:

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Forgotten Moments

Joey Beltram showing his deeper side on Nu Groove in 1990, with David Ospina on keys.

Code 6 - Forgotten Moments
MediafireYSI • 1990
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Burning Hot

Here's some OG slow disco, from the one and only Began Cekic. I may have posted this here before, but this is a fresh rip.

Brooklyn Express - Burning Hot
MediafireYSI • 1982

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurrah with Drrtyhaze

Hurrah is turning 6 this Saturday, which is kind of crazy. 6 years of Hurrah adds up to about 288 hours (or 12 entire days) of excellent guest DJs & performers, new and old jams, dancing, and drinking Red Stripe!!! To help us make this momentous occasion as awesome as possible, I've made some improvements to Hurrah's sound system (more bass!) AND mega DJ & producers Drrtyhaze are going to bring their top shelf disco & house music blend to the rave cave!

Drrtyhaze is Matthew Moffre & Doug Gomez. They're based out of NYC, have each been DJing for 15 years, and they have releases on Gomma, Tirk, Redux, Under the Shade, Truffle, Airtight, Nang & Speak Recordings. Last April, they released Love Loud, their debut album, on Nang. Check out their Soundcloud for a bunch of originals & remixes, and download their mix of Chicago classics below.

Drtyhaze - Chicago1 - Download (Direct Link)
1. VIDEO MIND – Do it for me & I’ll do it for you – Stride Records
2. MARCUS MIXX – Without Makeup (Ron Hardy Mix) – lets pet puppies
3. RICKSTER – Night Moves- Sound Pak Records
4. MR. LEE – I cant forget – Trax Records
5. LIZ TORRES- Can’t get enough – State street records
6. E.S.P. – It’s You – Underground records
7. JUNGLE WONZ – Time marches on – Trax
8. WILLIAM S – I’ll never let you go – Trax
9. THE IT – Donnie – Dj International records
10. HERCULES – 7 ways – Dancemania Records
11. JEANETTE THOMAS – Shake your body – Chicago Connection
12. MASTER C& J – Face it – State street records
13. KENNY JAMMIN JASON – Can you dance – Dj International
14. ADONIS – No Way Back – Trax Records
15. THE SWEAT BOYZ – Do You want to Jack? – West Madison Street records
16. PHUTURE- We are Phuture – Trax Records
17. THE CHILDREN – Freedom – DJ International
18. FRESH – Dum Dum – Precision records
19. STEVE SILK HURLEY – Jack Your body – Underground Records
20. FAST EDDIE – Acid Thunder – DJ International

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Patch Notes

Here some jackin house from Philadelphia's aupL:

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1000th Post! / New Superprince!

Coincidentally, this is Dollar Bin Jams' 1000th post AND the first time I've ever shared an original production that I've had a hand in!!! Awesome, right?!? Anyway, Peter Dragontail & I just unleashed a trio of new tracks as Superprince. Stream them from Soundcloud below and party on!

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Quiet Song

Raw, jazzy & deep! I love the contrast between this song's heady, mellow vibe and the jarring vocal sample.

Ronald Burrell - Quiet Song
MediafireYSI • 1992

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Make Me Over

To clarify, this isn't "Escort," the (awesome) 17 piece NY disco orchestra. This is a group of New Jersey inmates from the 70s who convinced their warden to allow them to have instruments & recording gear. Make Me Over is one of their later releases, so I'm not sure if they were incarcerated when they recorded it. Behind bars or not, you can't deny this groove!

"You can bend me, shape me, anyway you wanna... make me over!"

The Escorts - Make Me Over
MediafireYSI • 1981
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That's The Way Love Is

Ten City with an acid twist, thanks to the one and only Marshall Jefferson. A true dollar bin jam.

Ten City - That's The Way Love Is
(Deep House - Extended Version)
MediafireYSI • 1989
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Tribal Pig

Ovidio's extra percussion really compliments the original. I'm looking forward to working this into a set!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Il Suono Scuro V

Il Suono Scuro, Darklord's annual all soundtrack mix, returns for it's 5th year. Download it from Soundcloud & get spooky. Volumes 1 through 4 are available from

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Funk Deluxe

 "This Time" by Funk Deluxe is a pretty sweet jam from '84 with a dub on the B side. Here is both the vocal and dub for your downloading pleasure. I must note that this is another record from the infamous Delaware collection my homie Ken gave me for free years ago. I made a interesting discovery the other day when i realized that all the best records had the name Master Boom or Eddie Boom written on them. This dood was the man so shout out to him. Enjoy.

Funk Deluxe - This Time 12" Single
YSI - Mediafire - 1984
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I Want You For Myself

Razor N Tape's first 12" of J Kriv edits hasn't left my bag in months. Both sides are pure fire. Grab this freebie & you'll see why.

I'm not sure if the first 12" is still available, but you can still scoop their new white label of Late Night Tuff Guy edits from Juno.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Da Do Da Do Do Do

A little goodness from Underground Goodies Volume 1.

Cajmere - Da Do Da Do Do Do
MediafireYSI • 1991
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The flipside of Space Art's Onyx is another intense cosmic rock nugget.

Space Art - Axus
MediafireYSI • 1977

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


The System (as in "You Are In My System!") are back with a new single in 2012, and the Party Bros. have a club ready remix for you! This track serves as a nice reminder of the influence Mic Murphy had on today's indie dance vocalists. Grab a free download from the Bros' Mysteries Of The Mind imprint:

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Possessed + Go Bang! Philadelphia

They SyntheTigers have a mega fonky new edit, just in time for Sergio's Philadelphia debut. He'll be at Hurrah along with Steve Fabus, bringing their Go Bang! party to the city of brotherly love this Saturday. More info on the night here.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012