Thursday, February 28, 2008

$hawn slept over and I got lucky

Well it's Cropsy, the half man half lobster droppin' science. Check this 80's hip-hop artifact - it's expensive as fuck. I found it after Shawn visited my house for a session, but slept over after hearing that the local record show was in the morning (He's ill like that). This is a rare find, so enjoy. The Japanese kids were swarming - not so-so if you know what I mean... chillllll.

Sport "G" & Mastermind - Louder
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Sport "G" & Mastermind - Louder (Instrumental)
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do you wanna...

According to Wikipedia, "kwassa kwassa refers to a dance rhythm from Congo, where the hips move back and forth while the hands move to follow the hips." According to the USDA, "Superprince is Grade A."

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Superprince Edit)
Mediafire | YSI | 256 kbps

Friday, February 22, 2008

Philadelphyinz - Upstairs-Downstairs Mix

We did a mix for our pal Bushy, who runs the always excellent blog OurTalk, which is chock full of big room house and the occasional Joe Budden track. Long story short, Bushy's tech game is on the major fritz right now and he can't post it, so we're doing it here for now. However, I have to give dap to Bushy, because his blog is boss. Make sure you bookmark it.

Upstairs Downstairs: A Mix for Bushy by Philadelphyinz (Apt One and Skinny Friedman)



Jimmy Ross- First True Love Affair
Giggles- He Said She Said (Bonus Beats)
Bobby LaBeat- Partay People
Les Rhythmes Digitales- Dreamin
Interlude - West Philly is Fucked Up
Time- Shaker Shake
Armand Van Helden- I Want Your Soul
Wiz Khalifa- Youngin On His Grind (Relative Q Remix)
DJ Apt One- Mickey Dreidels in Rome
Fast Eddie vs. The Flirts - Funky Danger

DOWNSTAIRS by Skinny Friedman

Project Pat - North Memphis
DJ Omega - Can't Hold Back
Dudenem - Watch My Feet remix f/ Twista
Trick Daddy - Nann (Ghost on Tape remix)
Starski and Clutch - East to West
Professor Murder - Free Stress Test (Caps and Jones remix)
Kid Sister - Switchboard
Outkast - B.O.B. (Skinny's Juke blend)
Skinny Friedman - Wallawallabingbang
Crime Mob - Stilletos (Skinny's Scrap Yard Juke remix)

Philadelphyinz myspace

We rest our case...

And for anybody reading this from parts unknown - we're currently booking a tour of the Eastern US, the Midwest and possibly Canada - so keep your eye out, or book us if you're feeling up to it.

Also, if you're in Philly this weekend, be sure to catch me with fellow Dollar Bin Jams contributor Mike Tee at Bleached Black.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy Mackeral!

I've been thinking about Roustabout! lately, which in turn makes me nostalgic for (among other Happy Valley institutions) the Bullet Parade.

Hyperbole aside, the Bullet Parade is the definitive State College band, and not just because they gave me and my friends something to look forward to every Wednesday night for the year or so we were legal to drink at school. Their oft-changing lineup is a microcosm of the Roustabout! scene itself (and all of Penn State for that matter), with a new crop of kids coming and going every four years, give or take. When I last visited in the fall of 2006 to guest DJ at Chronic Town, it was clear that the scene carried on without us: new venue, new crowd, even a new reporter covering my old Roustabout! beat at the paper. It was a sad realization, that the Roustabout! we knew and loved was gone forever. Still, after seeing all the work that BP frontman Jeff Van Fossan and Chronic Town manager Jesse Ruegg have put into the new place, it's nice to know that Roustabout! and the Bullet Parade will always have a home in State College, and I'm grateful to have been a part of that.

In any event, the fact that the Bullet Parade plays its own outstanding original music sets the band apart from the ubiquitous State College cover band, so in that sense they're not at all representative of the town. They did, however, make room in their sets for some very well-chosen covers, which back in my day included "Holland, 1945" by Neutral Milk Hotel, "Shoplifters of the World Unite" by the Smiths, "Crash" by the Primitives, "Ever Fallen in Love?" by the Buzzcocks and, your payoff for reading this far, "I Wanna Destroy You" by the Soft Boys.

I chose the Soft Boys for this post because, of all those bands, their sound is probably the most similar to that of the Bullet Parade, both jangly and psychedelic. "I Wanna Destroy You" is a great song, but I prefer "Kingdom of Love" for Kimberley Rew's guitar and Robyn Hitchcock's completely amazing lyrics: "You've been laying eggs under my skin/And now they're hatching out under my chin/Now there's tiny insects showing through/And all them tiny insects look like you."

Incidentally, this album is somehow not listed on Discogs. Get it!

The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

The Soft Boys - Kingdom of Love | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Diamond Girl

Sometimes I prefer the Bonus Beat:

Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl (Bonus Beats)
Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl (Disco Version) | Mediafire | 320 kbps

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

G-Funk Era 2008

You know, as I sit down to post this it occurs to me that I've been dedicating a lot more time to making tracks and posting them here than I have been to actually putting up any Dollar Bin Jams. But hey- today's tracks are tomorrow's dollar bin finds, right? (Calling all label managers).

Today's special is a nice lil' spin on west coast gangsta synth work- anybody who recognizes any of the samples gets a gold star (tip- the synths are all original).

DJ Apt One - Mickey Dreidels '92 | Zshare | YSI | 320 kbps

And to tip my cap to the original and stated purpose of this fine outpost in the inhospitable desert of the internet- here's the super duper OG g-funk track, the one that really started it all.

Ohio Players - Funky Worm | Zshare | YSI | 256 kbps

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The Mars Mix is great - the others are not.

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Mars Mix) | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Planet Soul - Set U Free (E.H.R. Mix)
| Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Heavy Duty Mix) | Mediafire | YSI | 320 kbps


The venerable techno duo/collaborative project System 7 has an outstanding new record out now, but they've been doing it since before there were mp3s. Here's an oldie but a goodie, featuring the handiwork of no less than Marshall Jefferson, Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig.

System 7 - Sirènes (Marshall Jefferson Mix) | ZShare | YSI | 192 kbps

System 7 - Sirènes (Laurent Garnier Mix) | ZShare | YSI | 192 kbps

System 7 - Sirènes (System 7.1) | ZShare | YSI | 192 kbps

System 7 - Coltrane (Water Mix) | ZShare | YSI | 192 kbps

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Die Pause

Time for some twisted German sounds that start in the bottom of your gut and camp out in your cerebellum. For this, you can thank Kraut keyboard impresario Florian Fricke. This is the first track on the first Popol Vuh album, Affenstunde.

Popol Vuh - Dream Part 4 | Divshare | YSI | 160 kbps

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's teh rmx

As you may recall, a few days ago I put up the jam West Philly Windstorm for the downloading pleasure of all decent citizens of the world. As you may also recall, the first participant in our Dollar Bin Jams MixSeries was a gentleman by the name of Paul Zyla AKA Relative Q. Got it? Good.

Well the bol Relative Q went and laced up a really dope remix of West Philly Windstorm complete with wobbling bass and really excellent re-interpretations of some of the original samples I used. The whole thing builds and builds at half-time until it breaks into a driving, bass-heavy groove over a conga break halfway through. Fuckin excellent.

Listen to it here:

DJ Apt One - West Philly Windstorm (Relative Q Remix) (Direct link)

More remixes of this track and a handful of others are on the way by various persons, stay posted via my myspace.

-DJ Apt One - West Philly Windstorm
-Dollar Bin Jams Mixseries Vol. 1 - Relative Q

Oh, and by the way, I'd just be crappy promoter if I didn't tell you to come to Philadelphyinz at Medusa Lounge this Saturday. And also, it would benefit you to know that if you don't, you just indicted yourself as having extremely poor taste.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Mix!

Plenty of percussion and atmospherics to maximize your space out potential...

1. Roedelius - Regenmacher
2. Lexx - Sirocco
3. Sylvester - I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
4. Alan Parsons Project - The Voice (Instrumental)
5. Peter Visti - Dolly
6. Fred Cherry - Bus Ride to the Zoo
7. Shock - Shock Talk (U-Tern Disco Mix)
8. Chas Jankel - Glad to Know You
9. Konk - Your Life (What U Want)
10. Impi - Impi (Dub)
11. Urban Blight - Urban Nite Dub
12. The Quick - Zulu (Instrumental)
13. Nicky Siano - Move (Splash)
14. Tom Tom Club - Lorelei (Instrumental Long Version)

Shawn Ryan - Please Don't Take My Man
(Divshare because ZShare is acting a fool!)

Shawn Ryan - Please Don't Take My Man (ZShare)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When a nut is not just a nut

This track has been around for a minute, but it may be new to you. It's never circulated on the "internet," although it's two years old.

I like to think of it as music for a more sophisticated kind of robot.

DJ Apt One - West Philly Windstorm (320)


Sunday, February 3, 2008

The "Real" LFO

Although to be fair, it appears that "Brainstorm" was out before this LFO's first Warp release here. Rave on.

LFO - LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)

the other LFO

Apparently this is not the LFO that was on Warp Records, though they sound alike.

LFO - Brainstorm Part 1 (Zshare, 320kbps)

LFO - Brainstorm Part 2 (Zshare, 320kbps)