Monday, December 7, 2015

Michael The Lion - Most Known Edits

My latest EP of edits under the Michael The Lion moniker are now available from London-based Giant Cuts Records. This vinyl-only release features four tunes which kind of showcase my MO - sampled grooves and lots of my own live instrumentation and percussion. Some of these tunes you may recognize from my live sets from over the years - strictly dancefloor jams - keepin it funky and uplifting as best I can!

 You can buy the 12" from Juno, Pacific Beach Vinyl, Picadilly and more. Here's a little demo reel to give you a flavor of what's on the record.
Very flattered to have been asked to put these out. I never really intended Michael The Lion to be a project that was edit-oriented (stay tuned for more originals coming soon) but I'm very happy that amazing edit-oriented labels like Razor-N-Tape and now Giant Cuts have graciously put up their hard-earned money to press my tunes. No better feeling than holding a record of your jams in your hands.

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