Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Hours of Funk Mix

Despite it's name, this mix is not 4 hours long and is not exclusively funk. It's more like an hour's worth of funky disco, electro, italo and, well... funk. Baltimore's Exclaime & Fleg put this together to give you a little taste of their monthly 4 Hours of Funk parties. I actually met Exclaime last year in Bmore randomly. I was heading to an all night DnB party around 1am (don't ask) with a mutual friend of ours. We ran into Exclaime on our way and he said he was going to check out another party where Spen & Karizma were playing. That sounded like a million times more appealing than a DnB party, so we headed over to Highlandtown together and danced/vibed to a couple of legends holding it down on their home turf. So yeah, listen to the mix!

4 Hours of Funk Mix by DJ's Exclaime and Fleg by 4hoursofunk

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