Thursday, March 20, 2008

Double Dose Of Sparks

L.A.'s Mael brothers have been making music under the Sparks moniker for well over 35 years. Needless to say, the duo has seen and contributed to a variety of musical trends that have come and gone over those years, from good old rock music to late 1970's coke-addled disco. In 1979, the guys hooked up with Giorgio Moroder to produce No. 1 In Heaven, their eighth album and a record cited by people like Depeche Mode, Erasure and New Order as a "landmark" electronic pop record.

Beyond its influence on multi-million selling synthpop acts, the record also spawned a pair of excellent dancefloor hits that seem to have had a clear effect on Murphy and Goldsworthy of DFA Records fame and are well-loved by Italo heads.

Despite a disappointing showing on the album charts, the single "Beat The Clock" made it all the way up to #10 on the U.K. singles chart. For extended dancefloor damage, check out the catchy and shimmery Moroder break about 1:45 in.

Sparks - Beat The Clock | Divshare | YSI |192 kbps

"Tryouts For The Human Race" didn't have as much of an impressive showing on the charts, but is another beast of a Moroder production that would serve as a fantastic lead-off track on your next mix.

Sparks - Tryouts For The Human Race | Divshare | YSI |192 kbps


skinny said...

i just ripped this last night. totally on some DFA-before-DFA shit.

Mr.Devlin said...

heard this a while back. thanks for reminding me, and for the rip.

Anonymous said...

Love Sparks.
They've been making music since the late sixties as Half Nelson. Many think Queen stole/were inspired by Sparks' sound and operatic vocals when writing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Try to find Half Nelson demos if you can. Amazing.

They're also playing 21 albums in 21 days in London starting mid May.